Belly Of The Beast

Belly Of The Beast

Continuation of Forgotten, My Love.

A dirty bed with an old pipe frame. A typewriter. A note from a mother to her daughter.

The wood planks creak beneath her feet, the windows breathe through the shattered glass. The air inside is old and damp.

A sound can be heard coming from somewhere inside the cabin, if only a whisper of wind.

Behind the bedroom, the small hallway turns to a cellar. A lantern glows a mysterious light. There is an ominous presence here that looms over everything the shadows touch.

A crank handle lies atop wooden boards used to cover a hole, but there is no winch.

Forgotten, My Love

Forgotten, My Love

The breeze feels cool in the night air from the storm that had just passed. The wood alive with the rustling of leaves against the midnight sky, and the glistening of rain soaked grass dancing in the moonlight. The soft mud pushes to the side of Jill’s feet with each step, making wet sounds beneath her feet, bringing her closer to that place.

Chains move in the dark of the forest.

The cabin stands still at one end. Alone in the darkness of the wood behind the mansion, it was almost as if this place had been forgotten. Forgotten for some time. Time lost as much as the memory of a woman.

A tiny bulb illuminates the front door, and reflects off the puddles below. Someone still comes to this place…



July 24, 1998. The air is thick and heavy, the kind of claustrophobic air that makes your face hot and sweat just by breathing. The estate still by the quiet of the warm summer night, with the exception of the occasional roll of thunder outside the magestic windows draped in clamorous moonlight and dampened darkness. Midnight descends and all inside the Spencer mansion move slowly but not without haste, for their ravenous hunger is matched only by their insatiable lust for her insides. Her flesh reeks of the living, of fear, of perspiration; driving all shadows in the darkness to her blindly like moths to a lamp light. Who knows what Jill has spoken into the darkness, her walls closing in about her. I cannot get out, for these halls are a maze and its’ doors are a puzzle. I cannot get out. But if only I continue, I shall find more than just the answers… but my salvation as well.