The Bear

The Bear

The piece titled: The Bear is a 14″ x 17″ sketch drawn entirely in 6B soft graphite.

The subject is an Australian Shepherd and Doberman named Lola, who belongs to my close friend Abby. Seeing as how her birthday just passed, it was only fitting to gift her a family portrait.

The Embalmer’s Gift

The Embalmer’s Gift

The piece titled: The Embalmer’s Gift is a 14″ x 17″ sketch done in 6B soft graphite.

A man has suffered greatly at the loss of his wife. His evil plot, masked in the subtleties of of an old man’s humility, now moves to extinguish the last bastion of light in a world grown full of peril.

The hope of Darkshire twinkling in the gathering dark, for it is but a candle in the wind on a pale spring night.

Up Is Down

Up Is Down

The piece titled Up Is Down is a quick 3 hour sketch coming in at 14″ x 17″in a light 2B soft graphite.

I needed two bathroom pieces to match my shower curtain, this being the first of the two.

Just something fun and simple to decorate my home with. Quite a few artists have made a play on this subject. I’ll have the next piece ready for the upcoming Sunday. Have a great day everyone.

The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

The piece titled; The Bounty Hunter is a 24″ x 18″ sketch entirely in soft 6B graphite. A fan fare work of art, this piece was gifted and not sold.

The subject is a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe named Boba Fett, who appeared in episodes II, V, and VI.

I do not own the rights to Star Wars, characterizations of Boba Fett, or any material related to the subject other than the natural copyright of the signed art within the guideline of US Copyright ownership of visual arts material by signature.

These Hands I

These Hands I

It’s been said by many artists, amateur, professional, and legendary, that drawing hands can be a good test for artists to see where they’re at.

I decided to try my hand at it. A 1 hour sketch of my left hand, 6B soft graphite, about half way into a bottle of Merlot while sitting at the bar enjoying some live music.

Credit goes to the bartender and everyone around me for not making fun of me for looking like a weirdo, holding this pose of my hand in front of my face for about an hour while I put it to paper.

Good stuff. I found it far easier to draw hands than anticipated. I sketched another of my palm that same night, which will be posted next Sunday. Have a good week everybody.



Commissioned for a coworker, Cassius is an 11×14 piece using an array of graphites ranging from 2B-8B.

The subject here is Cash, belonging to my coworker Cassie West. Ironically she gifted this piece to fellow artist Larry Mobley, who could not be commissioned to draw this piece himself as it would spoil the surprise of the Christmas present.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out some of Larry’s work, be sure to do so he has quite a few pieces uploaded on his Facebook. You can find him throughout many of the comments on my Facebook page as well.

Belly Of The Beast

Belly Of The Beast

Continuation of Forgotten, My Love.

A dirty bed with an old pipe frame. A typewriter. A note from a mother to her daughter.

The wood planks creak beneath her feet, the windows breathe through the shattered glass. The air inside is old and damp.

A sound can be heard coming from somewhere inside the cabin, if only a whisper of wind.

Behind the bedroom, the small hallway turns to a cellar. A lantern glows a mysterious light. There is an ominous presence here that looms over everything the shadows touch.

A crank handle lies atop wooden boards used to cover a hole, but there is no winch.

Forgotten, My Love

Forgotten, My Love

The breeze feels cool in the night air from the storm that had just passed. The wood alive with the rustling of leaves against the midnight sky, and the glistening of rain soaked grass dancing in the moonlight. The soft mud pushes to the side of Jill’s feet with each step, making wet sounds beneath her feet, bringing her closer to that place.

Chains move in the dark of the forest.

The cabin stands still at one end. Alone in the darkness of the wood behind the mansion, it was almost as if this place had been forgotten. Forgotten for some time. Time lost as much as the memory of a woman.

A tiny bulb illuminates the front door, and reflects off the puddles below. Someone still comes to this place…