Oh, why hello there. It would seem that you are interested in my work. Or atleast, some of it I’d assume ha ha. But forgive me for being so rude, I believe introductions are in order. I’m Derek, so very nice to meet you. I’m the 31 year old man who’s blog you’ve just discovered.

I suppose you’ll be in need of explanation as to what this this blog is about, hmm. Well then…

As it happens, I have an act for putting pencil to paper and letting someone else read my mind, if only for a moment. For fifteen years I locked up my creativity. Most of which has to do with my childhood, a most extraordinary tale I assure you. But now I have decided to find it again, I have decided to become who I was born to be. A rough start, no doubt.

Inspiration will likely come from what I read or see, but I’m hoping my imagination will get the better of me.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Derek for following Writing Well Design and Photography. I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. If the pictures light a sparkler under your muse, that will be a bonus. Cheers!


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