Senna was the first piece I was commissioned to draw, as well as the first pet portrait I attempted. I was originally contracted to sketch Senna by my friend Abby. Although Senna is not her dog, the German Sheppard belongs to her boyfriend. The portrait was gifted to him as a birthday present.

This piece took roughly 10 hours to produce. I used an array of H as well as B leads to complete the portrait.

I enjoyed drawing Senna. The fur took quite a bit of time to detail, but I was pleased with the end result.

3 thoughts on “Senna

    1. Thank you buddy! I finished this piece in July of 2016, and I have practiced so much more since then. I have a lot of art not updated yet, but this piece was a turning point in my early career as an artist. You’ll see the difference in new pieces that I’ll be posting soon

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