The Confluence

The Confluence

The Nothing approaches.

In an hour so dark as the ending of the world, one can only hope that we will set aside our differences. Even if only to be afraid together.

Completed in June of 2016, The Confluence is a play on Michael Ende’s book; The Neverending Story. Sketch dimension is A4, medium consists of heavier graphites ranging from 5B to 8B.

This was the first time I had realized the potential shading capabilities of higher numbered B pencils. The higher percentage of graphite as opposed to clay creates darker, richer shading. The lead itself is also much softer than an H.

I enjoyed creating this piece. The Neverending Story is one of my childhood favorites. The book was translated into English in 1983, the year of my birth. The movie was released the following year, when my brother was born. My brother also has the same name as the actor who played the main character Atreyu.

This sketch was also a learning piece for me. When I started shading in the far background I discovered a technique to creating texture. This technique would soon dominate my style of art in every sketch I have drawn after.

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